Bopper Rolls Out Bopper Mobile: Making It Easier to Get Music For Your Podcast


Instant Indie Sync Licensing for Mobile Web

Music licensing platform Bopper has released a fully featured mobile web version, allowing on-the-move users to do everything sync-related from their phones.

Bopper Mobile screen shot

 With Bopper Mobile, users can conduct AI-driven searches, get instant custom quotes, access custom playlists, listen to all tracks, configure licenses, and instantly execute a transaction, all in the palm of their hands. The transaction can be finalized in seconds on the platform; no need to lose time in negotiation or track clearance. Bopper users can also save searches between desktop or Bopper Mobile platforms for a seamless user experience.

Bopper is tailoring sync to every instance to make the process of licensing music for quick social or annual TV campaigns into a one-click affair, like most e-commerce. Bopper brings a forward-thinking workflow to music curation for the time-pressed advertising and TV production industries. When you get a tip about an intriguing new artist or hear the perfect track on the go, you can instantly check its availability and price on Bopper, licensing it in a matter of minutes.

Customer data shows 30 percent of Bopper’s user traffic comes through mobile devices. 

“Mobile optimization is the latest development in our commitment to empowering our users and clients and giving them more functionality to streamline the music licensing process,” said Gabriel Bouchard, CEO of Bopper. “Our purpose is to make licensing indie music safer, faster, and easier for all parties. This is another step forward in that mission.”

Bopper allows you to instantly find and license pre-cleared music by top indie artists and bands in minutes, and never have to worry about haggling over rights again. Created specifically for ads and film by veterans from the audio production and advertising industries, Bopper removes all obstacles associated with licensing recording artists, and creates instant access to a new source of music that has been largely untapped so far. 

Bopper's release touts that "It's an evolution from online royalty-free music libraries, and a great ethical alternative to custom music. Living at the crossroads of creativity and social responsibility, Bopper's mission is to create win-win scenarios for artists, agencies, and brands so they can all work together to help the new music scene thrive and flourish."