Three Music Podcasts Recommended: SyncLove: The DIY Musician; Music Tectonics

 These three podcasts exemplify the best that podcasting has to offer. First, these podcasts have found a niche composed of many people not served in any other medium. Can you imagine a TV show for aspiring musicians or music technologists? Not unless they were all single, plan to mingle and ready to party on a reality show!

Second, these podcasts have a DIY component, supporting listeners who want to be musicians, sound designers, songwriters, and producers. Third, these podcasts have the three I's -- Informative, Interesting, Incandescent. 

In short, you can learn stuff and have fun.

Let's check them out. 

sheet of music with white earbuds laying on top.

 SyncLove has just completed season one of its new series. Its host,  Kirt Debique, possesses an interesting blend of formality and familiar friendliness in his voice. The podcast is dedicated to the people behind the films we love, and their passion for pairing music and picture. 

Debique interviews the top music supervisors and media experts who electrify movies with music that makes us cry, laugh, jump and dance, transforming star performances and the very meanings of films. One episode that struck me was the one on the 1986 film, Pretty In Pink. The movie title is based on a song by the Psychedelic Furs. The episode expertly unpacks the soundtrack and the brilliance of the music and how it attaches so personally to the characters.

Check out the website for its visual beauty and as an object lesson for aspiring podcasters that a website can be an excellent marketing and brand loyalty tool.

The DIY Musician Podcast just published its 300th episode since its start in 2007. It is, by its tenure, a granddaddy of podcasts and those years of experience show up in the quality of the host, the production, and the content. Hosted by longtime CD Baby team members Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley, the podcast covers everything you need to know about releasing and promoting your music, and navigating the music industry.

If I had any musical talent and could play more than five songs on my guitar, I would be a regular listener to this podcast to help with a fledgling music career.

I listened to several episodes and found it fun and informative, always a neat twosome. The DIY Musician podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds to bring independent musicians all the latest in music promotion and marketing.

 If you're the next musical megastar, check out this podcast. Even if your goal is playing local clubs, this podcast can help.

Also, listen to their 300th podcast for a hot tub time machine back to the prehistoric days of podcasting.

On the same positive musical note (an A flat),  The Music Tectonics Podcast just recorded its 200th episode. The hosts are Dmitri Vietze,  CEO of PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, Inc., and Tristra Yeager.

Music Tectonics covers news and conversations about how technology is changing the music industry, from new music-making interfaces and contexts, to shifts in business models and music lover behavior. Many tech innovations develop beneath the surface; some break through to the surface and change the music business forever. The Music Tectonics Podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. 

The recent interview with Tasos Frantzolas from Beatopia is definitely worth a listen for music consumers and music producers. For consumers, the episode discusses removing barricades to purchasing beats. For producers, nagging licensing issues are reviewed. Frantzolas is fascinating here, and the Trista Yeager steers the interview expertly, with probing questions.

I've give them all 5 guitars. Or 5 cellos. Or 5 TR-808s!